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Interview Preparation

Chrystal is an amazing interview practice and preparation coach. I was a non-traditional applicant reapplying to dental schools, which has a complex and grueling interview process. Chrystal helped me rehearse clear, concise answers for every possible interview question; gave pointers on proper body language and interview etiquette; and showed how to follow up with interviewers after the interview. With Chrystal’s help I felt fully prepared and confident for every dental school interview, and walked out of each one feeling great about it. I was accepted to three of the four dental schools I interviewed at. I would highly recommend Chrystal’s services to anyone who needs practice for a job or grad/professional school interview.

Petteri Salo, Dental Student


I am delighted to recommend Chrystal Bartlett’s media training abilities to you.

As a broadcast television anchor, my job requires I interview a wide variety of people.  Chrystal Bartlett recently prepared several guests for a panel discussion she helped create for a Heart of Carolina Perspectives talk show that aired on WTVD ABC11.

It was clear that she had prepared her clients well before the taping. Each guest was equipped with a specific message that communicated their points clearly and concisely without getting bogged down into jargon, statistics or sidebars. They also appeared to have been coached on the attire appropriate for on-camera appearances and effective body language. Ms. Bartlett even accompanied them to the station so that seeing a familiar face would increase their comfort levels.

I wish that all my interview subjects were as well prepared as Ms. Bartlett’s.  I recommend her services highly to anyone wishing to make a positive media impression.

With best regards,
Angela Hampton
Community Affairs Specialist
Host, Heart of Carolina Perspectives

Publicist and Media Trainer

My name is Sue Espersen and I work at First Environments Early Learning Center in the Research Triangle Park.

FEELC hired Chrystal to raise awareness about our daycare center, but I never expected a news camera crew would come out to our site to tape me or that I’d be part of a panel discussion that would air on the local TV station’s public affairs program. I’d never been on-camera before and don’t mind sharing that I found the prospect a bit intimidating.

Chrystal worked with our group and also spent extra time working with me so that I could feel more comfortable on camera and be a good representative for FEELC. She shared tips on how to dress, how to sit, worked with me develop clear and brief speaking points and just did her best to help me feel confident during the whole experience. As a result, the news story and the panel discussion turned out very well.

I highly recommend Chrystal Bartlett’s media training to anyone who wants to do their best on-camera or when dealing with any type of media. She knows what media expect and truly does her best to help her clients do their very best.

With best regards,

Sue Espersen
Outdoor Learning Environment Specialist
First Environments Early Learning Center



We worked with Chrystal in hopes that she could help us market our program. She is simply amazing and gets results. She is extremely intelligent, knows the business, fun to work with and very dedicated to her clients. Her loyalty continues even after our contract ended. She is diligent in getting results and helping business get the attention or customers they are after.

Elizabeth Lake, Director
Sue Espersen, Outdoor Learning Environment Specialist
First Environments Early Learning Center



My name is Mitch Woodward and I work for the N.C. Cooperative Extension as an Area Specialized Agent, Agriculture, Neuse River. I’ve worked with Chrystal Bartlett on a number of media relations projects and recommend her highly.

As an Extension Agent, I am an experienced face-to-face public speaker and trainer. In working with Chrystal to get the word out about storm water and drought to broader audiences through media, I benefitted from her knowledge about the needs and limitations of print, radio and television.

Chrystal was quick to share what she knew about each outlet’s target audiences, so that I could customize my messages for highest comprehension. A voiding jargon, reducing message length to better accommodate TV and radio ‘s need for sound bites and awareness of the different deadlines used by radio, TV and print are just a few of the tips I learned from her and still use today.

I would recommend Chrystal’s media training to any organization that wants to garner positive media attention by communicating clearly and effectively.

With best regards,

Mitch Woodward
Area Specialized Agent, Agriculture, Neuse River
N.C. Cooperative Extension


Chrystal was fabulous. We knew what we wanted our end product to be, but we had no idea of how to get there. She took what we had and, with a shoestring budget, created a professional product that we’re proud to present to the world. Her expertise and connections were tremendously helpful. All along, she was enthusiastic about our project and personally supportive — it was a joy to work with her. I would recommend her to anyone.

LeDayne McLeese Polaski, Program Coordinator
Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists


I highly recommend Chrystal Bartlett & Company for websites, social media and general marketing. In two years, she built Schwartz Plumbing a great productive web site, creates traffic- building messages for my company Facebook page and is always looking for creative, affordable marketing solutions. If you want a vendor who is smart, responsive and respects your budget, contact Chrystal Bartlett. I’m glad I did.

Stuart Schwartz, Owner
Schwartz Plumbing Co.



Chrystal is a real dynamo with a strong understanding of all things marketing. During her time with Extension at NC State, she developed and implemented a complete marketing plan that is still in use today. The marketing plan is something Cooperative Extension folks had been talking about for years and it took her less than a year to develop and implement. She has strong connections with others in the marketing field and is someone who is totally focused on getting things done. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Mark Dearmon, Director
Communication Services
University Communications


Chrystal is the best editor/proofreader I have ever employed. Her attention to detail is excellent. I highly recommend her!

Jack McKinney
McKinney Counseling and Consulting



Chrystal Bartlett is one of my favorite go-to writers. I never have to worry about her copy being clean and well researched, and her vivacious style is contagious. She has written several articles about environmental issues for Baptist Peacemaker, the magazine I edit. The most recent, “Churches Going Green,” in the fall issue, was informative and inspiring. I would recommend her to any editor who wants first-rate writing.

Katie Cook,
Editor, Baptist Peacemaker


I graduated from NC State in May 2017 with a BS degree in Environmental Engineering. A few months from graduation, I used Chrystal Bartlett’s services to develop a resume for finding my first job after graduation. Over the next couple weeks, Chrystal and I bounced ideas back and forth about what I really wanted to do with my engineering degree after graduation. She used this to develop a wonderful resume that took my skills learned in school and turned them into assets specifically aimed at employers within my desired discipline of engineering. Chrystal’s experience helped secure two job offers by graduation, and I’m now employed with a company who provides the same engineering services I outlined in my resume objective. Not only did I find a job after college, but Chrystal’s expertise allowed me to find the job I wanted. I highly recommend Chrystal Bartlett & Company for developing, reviewing, or updating resumes and other important documents or communications that represent you or your company.

Matt Hanks, Graduate